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I went to The Pennington School in my home town of Pennington, New Jersey for both middle school and high school. It was a very small private prep school that was actually closer to my house than my local high school. The high school had about 400 kids, with about 100 kids in the middle school. My graduating class was about 90, which grew from the 20 of us when I was in 6th grade. There were very few of us that made it through from 6th grade to graduation, just 13 kids and one who left after 6th grade and then came back junior year. We were lifers. One of those kids was Dane Kunkle. He was funny kid, tall, smart, good looking, but he was one of those kids that acted like an inner-city black kid, despite being a very wealthy white kid from Pennsylvania suburbs. However, he was always nice to me, and he was one of my better friends throughout those seven years. Towards the end of high school he started to drop the ghetto act, and started acting a bit more like a frat boy, but one thing became very apparent: he was one of the hardest workers that I had ever met.

Sophomore year Dane put a rap video out on Youtube under the name DJ Kunks, and it quickly spread around the school. Not because it was good, but because it was hilarious. It wasn't really meant to be good. The rhymes varied between funny and intentionally terrible. It was all filmed on an iPhone in one take with absolutely no editing, so there were a lot of mistakes and poor deliveries left in. Soon after a second video was released, but this one was more of a community effort. A ton of his friends helped him write it. They spent weeks coming up with the best rhymes that they could and just throwing them together without much thought to the order. The video was done in the same terrible style, but featured a massive posse of other white kids from my school and guest appearances of random girls from my school. A highlight from that video was when vacuum was rhymed with shazoom. Dane made a third video with actual editing, visually it was actually really good, and the performance was quite a bit better, although not particularly good. The actual lyrics remained about at the same terrible level. That video was actually theatrically released at my school, during a movie night. Those terrible videos were the bizarre start down the path to what would become the Beach Glow music festival.



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